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Introduction: A nice tid-bit to grab readers attention.

Name: FOLLOW. MONTY'S. RULES! Don't make me hunt you down with a freaking blood houd because you didn't get/listen to his memo! I I'll do it. I can't tell you how much this bugs me. For those who haven't read it, you can find it here. Consider these rules as divine orders from your Supreme Commander Oum. OBEY THEM!

Age: Now, what I've seen so far is most OC characters head of to little adventures at Beacon, so their age would be around 17-19, but don't limit yourself! Honestly, I find that sort of setting overdone. There is so much more in the RWBY verse than just Beacon, and you could find hardened criminals or bounty hunters of all ages!

Color: Self explanatory. You'd better freaking obey the rules or I will find you. Seriously, though, no one loves a party pooper. But for color inspiration, I'd check here for your standard list. Or you could use Google to find a list of flowers by color or Google translate a color into different languages.

Race: So far we have two options: Human, or faunus. I repeat: only two. HUMAN. Or FAUNUS. Nothing else! I've seen some weiiiiird stuff, like, dragons weird. We have some rules to follow! Also, when you're choosing faunus, try to get creative. At least 70% of all faunus OCs are wolves, and that lack of creativity is getting to me.

Influence/reference: say, if your referencing a fairy tail or an entire culture, this would be the place to let everyone know!

Occupation/Setting: This is where you tell everyone whether your OC is a student at Beacon or a full fledged Hunter or Huntress, or a criminal, or whatever. Get creative people! You can only use the 'student at Beacon' card so many times before it gets stale! Actually, it might already BE stale...

Gender: Self explanatory

Appearance: I'd split this one into two paragraphs. The first one will be on your OC's physical appearance, and the next on their outfit. Start out with hair color, length, and style, then skin tone, eye-color, height, muscling, and be sure to note any scares. Also this would be a great place to point out if your character is a Faunus.  People aren't all Miss-Universe winners, so be sure to dial back on the super-model aspect. Please.

Since we all know clothing is a big deal in the RWBY-verse, be sure to go all out. Heck, even try to show an influence. Say, a Spanish influence for one, or something East-Asian for another. It gets boring when everyone wears jeans and a t-shirt to the OC party, so mix it up! Oh, make sure to include your OC's color. You know, cause that's important. And you totally followed the naming rule, RIGHT?

Personality: Believe me when I say that this is, hands down, this is what makes or breaks your OC. Let me just say that you could have some great concepts in the rest of your bio, but if this section tanks, you're OC will NOT be appreciated. Let me first get something out there. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OC PERFECT. Like EVER! If you do, not only will they be bland, but if you plan on writing fanfiction of them, your character has no room to grow. At all. So, now that we've got that out of the way, I'd say it's best to start building off f one facet, say, your character is the loveable looser. Then, I'd add what they're good at, and then the most painful part to put in: FLAWS! Let's face it, everyone has them, and OC's are no exception. If you're having trouble coming up with any, I'd check this site out for flaws.

Now, first I'd divide the bio into a three parts, say, how their personality effects them, how it effects what they do, and how they interact with others. I'm a little loose with how I organize personalities, but as long as you cover those three things, you should be fine.

Skills and Abilities: Just some minor stuff here, but feel free to elaborate. Say, is your character good at planning? Is she a chef? Or say, can your character survive in the wild? Don't include battle skills just yet, because that comes next, but make sure to elaborate in this section. No one likes one word answers, trust me.

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

This is where things get fun. Now, first off, if you want to use a melee weapon and older firearms, I'd check out this and this for ideas.  Now, you've got two main choices here, you could go with a gun-weapon or a ranged weapon only, say like a bow and arrow, but you'll certainly get points for being creative. Now, I'll focus on the Gun-Melee weapon layout first:

We'll start off with the melee component: Choose a nice weapon that we don't see often, like some sort of axe or a Horseman's Pick (yes, that's a thing) or say a unique variant on a well-known weapon like a sword, so you'd choose something like a Greatsword or Khopesh. Make sure that the weapon does fit the character, though. You will never see someone who is half a meter tall wielding a war hammer that weighs half a ton. Probably. So, once we've got the melee component, you can choose a gun.

Now with the gun component, you don't wan to choose something completely out of place. For example, there will never, ever be a knife that can morph into a sniper-rifle. Keep it realistic. You should also try to match up the gun to the weapon fairly well. It wouldn't make sense for some on wielding a waraxe designed to cleave through armor to have the gun component be a sniping weapons. The two fighting styles are completely different. For example, match say a character wielding a long sword would add a shotgun to one end to speed up his sword strikes. Now, be carful in the area of what guns you use. Weapons such as rocket launchers, RPG's and grenade launchers have a dangerous chance of being over powered, so I'd tread lightly when considering one of them.

Also, keep in mind that with ranged-only classes, say archers, you might want to include a knife as a backup, as bows are very inefficient at close range. Personally, I'd rather see some melee weapons, because you can only snipe a target with a bow and arrow oh-so-many times before it gets repetitive.

Also noteworthy is that you've got to keep the dust-component in mind. Now we may not know a whole lot about dust, but I know that we can use it to make some really neat stuff. As for fighting styles, you've really got to consider whether your character is going to use guerilla tactics, charge strait in, fight in formation, or one of any number of things. Make sure that the style complements the weapon, and vice-versa. Now, keep in mind your characters age when writing this. There is no way a high-school level student is going to be able to take on an army, so keep in mind limitations.

Now, with weapons with more of a gun-focus, keep in mind that the melee component is secondary, so think of a nifty on how to integrate it.

Not everything has to be guns and swords, though! Roman Torchwick uses a freaking cane, and I'd love to see you guys come up with everyday objects that could be lethal! (Hypothetically speaking, of course.)

This is your chance to get creative people! I can't wait to see what you've got!

Aura/Semblance: Right so I'll be frank. We don't know a whole lot about Aura, and as such, this section is (for now) optional. As we learn more about the world of RWBY, this whole bio will be updated, but we do know that Aura allows for some unique powers (Read: Red vs. Blue armor abilities). Now, the best thing you'd be sure to do is make sure it's something minor considering the current information. You don't see any of the cannon characters riding in on a flaming war chariot shooting laser beams from their eyes.

I'd check this out for some ideas:… (just click random) or this….

Backstory/History: This is where you tell us what your character has been doing. I'd tread VERY lightly around super-dupper sob stories, though. Just give us what could be relevant, we don't need an autobiography.

Team: Only if nescicary. Again, this can be added through UPDATES (something that you'd better learn to love), so again, I wouldn't recommend trying to create a ton of OCs at once. Include other team members, and links to bios if nescicary.

Fanfiction: Blatant advertising, and this is the perfect place to put it.

Themes: Everyone loves music! Have some fun and pick a song that you'd associate with your OC! Nothing offensive, please, and be sure to credit the song's creator.

Quotes: Just some one-liners your character has spewed over the course of your writing.

Now, keep in mind that we only have one season of RWBY to work with, so basically everything in this template is subject to change as we find out more about the world. Revising, updating, and editing are paramount to creating a good OC, so don't forget to change it up. As a matter of fact, your OC is never in a 'final draft,' so it's always up to change and editing! Nothing screams progress like slapping 'Version 2' (or V2) in the tittle!

Good luck, and have fun out there!
Right-oh, here it is! For your usage if you're trying to create a RWBY OC! Hope you guys find it useful, and please, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment! This was created for the group BeaconInitiates, a group focused on developing well-rounded RWBY OCs. Come and check it out!

This bio template was made with reviewing help from :icongumby1011: and is a modified version of :iconbushtuckapenguin:'s RvB OC bio template, and was edited with permission. RWBY belongs to Monty Oum.
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Introduction: Water rings through time and a songstress sings her ryhme.

Name: Aquamarine Soleil
Age: 17
Color: Gold/white/aqua
Race: Human
Influence/reference: Songstress Azura from Fire Emblem and Oracles like Lunafreya
Occupation/Setting: Student at Beacon, trained under Ozpin for a little while to control her semblance.
Gender: Female

Appearance: Flawless, smooth porcelain color skin. Hip length brown wavy hair that fades into aqua with bangs usually worn in a messy ponytail with two strands on each side that frame her face. Has a gentle but pleasing face and eye shape. Has striking aqua eyes. 5'5 with a neat hourglass shape.
She has a gold headpiece that wraps around her forehead with elegant wing patterns that frame a aquamarine gem. Her dress stops at mid thigh and has a flowy train that reaches her calves. It has gold embroidery at the top of the sweetheart frame and fades from white to aqua shade by shade. Two slit sleeves of a clear, flowy material not attached to the dress start with a gold embroidery on the halfway point of the upper arm. A necklace like her forehead piece hangs low right above her chest. She has simple white heels with simple gold anklets. And of course she has a Beacon Academy Uniform.

Skills and Abilities: (Check semblance and fighting style.)

Weapon/fighting style: Water based/ Lance based
Lance is a gold staff with a slot for each type of dust. At the top of the lance there is a round peace of gold with an opening in the middle, that contains an aqumarine gem.
Patient in attacking and looks for the weak spot in an opponent. After finding it she'll focus in on that spot and go into relentless attack mode.

Aura/Semblance: Her aura is white in hue. Voice of Angels is her semblance. It allows her to use an amplified and echoed version of her own singing voice but costs her greatly and can only be used against strong foes. If she uses it at its full extent, she could die. At least that's what she was told. She doesn't really wanna test that theory out. It makes the opponent weaker.

Backstory/History: Like Rin and Nora, her village was destroyed by grimm. Her mother, a famous huntress, died that day. It was the day she discovered her semblance and the day of great loss to her.

Team: (You can add your own ocs here but she is team leader.)

Lost in Thoughts All Alone from Fire Emblem
Yuel's Theme from Final Fantasy 13-2
Marigold from Deemo

"Don't let something like that get the better of you."
"You may start out weak, but overtime you'll get stronger."
"Don't force yourself to handle all the pain alone, your teamates and comrades are here to help you in any way they can."
"Don't push people away, it hurts both parties and eventually you'll miss that comfort."
"For the sake of my friends, I continue to push forward and one step at a time forge my own path."
Tkdboy2000 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Introduction:  Just because one is born from evil doesn't mean they are evil.  Sometimes, the spawn of an evil is that evil's downfall.

Name: Pepper Bludwyne


  Wine Red

  Faunus.  Peppered Jumping Spider

  Greek Mythos:  Arachne, the first spider.

Student at Beacon.  Also makes clothing for the poor.


  Pepper has near flawless light skin, and average-sized wine-red eyes.  She wears dark red lipstick and red eyeliner, and has curly chestnut-colored hair in a Grecian style.  She wears a circlet inlaid with two rubies, two sapphires, two topazes, and two emeralds, designed to resemble the eyes of a spider.  Protruding from her lower back are four charcoal spider legs with white stripes.  Each leg is longer than she is tall, and have a thin layer of black hair.
She wears a three layered dress:  A layer of gray silk over her breasts, a dark red layer of cloth to serve as an underskirt, and a light gray cloth on top of the red layer.  She still wears panties, but she makes her clothes herself.  She also wears a simple pair of sandals.  Her emblem, A spiderweb with the letters P, B, and W on it, is part of a white-gold rust-proof necklace.
It should be noted that her human leg muscles are underdeveloped, meaning she can't walk or run with them.  She can stand, but she can't move very quickly unless she uses her spider legs.

Pepper is a very caring person.  She treats others with kindness, and tries her best to mediate human-Faunus conflicts.  Which isn't easy given the intimidating spider legs protruding from her back.  No matter how much she says she isn't cannibalistic, there are a few people who don't believe her.  She's a very bad liar, and often tells the truth when trying to lie.  Especially when she's trying to hide the fact that she's lesbian.
Pepper is usually slow to anger, and is actually quite timid.  The only person she's ever openly hostile towards is Cardin.  She tends to give more than she receives, and is always afraid to show her feelings.  She's seemingly unaware of the White Fang, and tends to try to avoid conversations about them.  Pepper is very soft-spoken, and only swears if she's really angry at someone.  Particularly Cardin, and it's only mild swearing at best.  And when she fights, she displays a strange bloodlust
Her relationship with her team is a strange one.  Her leader/partner has arachnophobia, which makes getting along with each other harder.  Her second teammate holds a strange distrust for her in particular over other Faunuses, and her final teammate is also a lesbian, and is romantically involved with her, despite their conflicting personalities.

Skills and Abilities
:  Pepper is good at any type of work involving cloth, and makes clothes for the people down on their luck.  Despite her massive spider legs, she's surprisingly stealthy.  She's good with a dagger and is keenly aware of which plants are poisonous.  However, Dust isn't her friend when it comes to making clothing.  She also has incredible eyesight.  She can jump higher than any human being, and even animals known for jumping struggle to keep up with her height.  Being a jumping spider has its benefits.  

  Pepper carries Chíra, a rather large dagger that doubles as a pistol.  The pistol utilises Fire Dust to leave wounds that sting for an incredibly long time, and, in it's dagger form, it can cut through metal with ease.  She only uses the dagger form if push comes to shove, preferring to keep her distance and use the pistol form, using her spider legs to keep distance between her and her opponent.  Her sandals also have metal heels, and she can land on someone's face as an attack.
If Pepper has to use the dagger form, she alternates between normal and backhanded slashes, with the occasional stab here and there.  She's only trying to make her enemy back up so she can jump to safety.

Aura and Semblance:  
Pepper's Aura is black in color, and she uses it to prevent injuries when she lands after a jump.  And like I said, she jumps really high.
Her Semblance ups her reaction time and her already stellar eyesight, to the point where she can visibly see if someone's lying, even if there's no indication in their voice.  However, she becomes heavily disoriented once the effects wear off, and is rendered blind for a few seconds.

Pepper is a bit of a strange case in the world of Remnant.  She didn't suffer the same racial discrimination as other Faunuses, and both the White Fang and Atlas military tended to avoid her.  She didn't seem to notice or care.  She was an incredibly different person when she was seven years old.  Because people tried to avoid troubling her, she got away with pretty much anything.
Five years later, she learned why.  Her father was a mafia boss, who had massive ties to both the White Fang and the Military, buying troop movements from one side and selling to the other for a higher price, in order to ensure a prolonged human-Faunus war.  One day, she walked in on a meeting with other members of the mafia by complete accident.  While she was the daughter of the mafia boss, her father ordered for her to be silenced.  She managed to escape into the custody of trustworthy Atlesian military, but not unscathed.  One of the mafia goons utilized a rocket launcher, and the force of the explosion broke the bones in her human legs.  She was able to recover, but she didn't do any muscle therapy because she had her spidery legs.  As such, she could only stand on her legs, and was unable to walk.
As part of her witness protection program (to save her from the wrath of her father), Pepper identified every goon that was present at her father's meeting, and was sent to the Kingdom of Vale.  She was enrolled into Sanctum, and was personally admitted into Beacon by Ozpin himself.  She constantly tried to hide her past, but just wasn't able to.  Word spread around Beacon that she put away her father, a notorious mafia boss, and she instantly became more popular.  She didn't want to be popular.  She wanted to undo everything her father had done, and give back to Remnant's economy what he had taken illegally.  She refused to change her name, but aside from that, she has officially dissolved any other connections with her family.

  APCS (Apocalypse)

  Various roleplays.  And maybe I should finish up her team's bios first.

  Burning Bridges - OneRepublic

I'll wait until I finish her team first.
TheLastFeelbender Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
I haven't thought of everything but i thought of a weapon. An axe that doubles as a 12 gauge shotgun.
yolaroo123 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018
Introduction: if you were immortal immagine how dull it would be it would drive you crazy right well it drove him crazy he is vincent gray

Name: vincent gray

Age: lost count

Color: black

Race: a grimm beowulf faunus
Influence/reference: every story ever that had the fountain of youth

Occupation/Setting: ex criminal / advanced combat teacher for beacon

Gender: male

Appearance:his physical appearance is that of an ordinary 19 year old boy he has black messy hair longer than qrow's but shorter than lie ren's he has sapphire blue eyes and is 7ft 7in with jet black beowulf ears atop his head and generally stares in an agro way he also has a scar that covers his left eye

his clothing is that of black combat trousers and a dark grey trench cat with a silver lining that goes to his knees his face is always covered by a black porcelain mask that covers the left side side of his face  and the area surrounding his right eye he wheres black combat boots and the inner side of his trench coat is stocked with dust crystals , viles and arrows but on the inner tube of his left sleeve is a small throwing knife that is infused with gravity dust that takes affect once it hits into something [normally someone running away]

Personality: over aggressive in nature vincent gray enjoys silence and hitting things although he strangely enjoys pain a lot and will never turn down a fight he also loves to fight people and is very egotistical he even likes to flirt with almost everyone he meets who's female [hu hu yang]
in terms of flaws theres probably the huge one called ~criminal~ and his over aggressiveness causes him to loose his head so to speak in fights .

Skills and Abilities: he is immortal, he can drink more than qrow , he can hurt salem.
Weapons and fighting style:

dusk and dawn are a pair of twin short swords with a 30 cm blade that can transform into a pair of twin crossbows or can merge together to form the mindnigh bow or a dual-blade called daybreaker in daybreaker formit can also form into a scythe resembling a smaller version of qrows due to the fact that qrow was saved by vincent gray when he was young and based his weapon off of his. his fighting style is dual wielding traditional sword wielding to dodge an attack he usually shows off back flipping or side rolling using his semblance he often flies into a battle and often late.

Aura/Semblance:dust control : it literally allows him to control dust in the air and on a rare occasion , if they have only recently died, bring someone back from the dead by taking the dust particulates that were a part of them and putting them back together.

Backstory/History: vincent gray is so old he doesn't even remember how old he is when he was 17 his sisters went upon a journey to help all those in there path he followed them in secret and was furious when he found that a wizard had given them powers powers that would be envied they were hunted by a woman named salem and he tried to protect them but when salem changed her gaze he tried again to stop her the relic she was after was the fountain of youth a small silver chalice filed with a magical liquid he drank from the chalice so that salem couldn't lay her hands on it.infuriated she murdered him by ripping out his heart only for him to regenerate his heart. immortal he slowly grew insane until he met the terrible two an unaging pair of twins cursed by there semblances the three banded together and took a life as criminals with vincent gray stacking up elleven life sentences but once whilst on death row [for the fifth time] he met a girl who like him was unaging he escaped taking her with him and together with the scorch twins they formed gmma. [ p.s also hates ozpin] 

Team: gmma [gamma] the team includes vincent Gray , Mathias scorch , Maria scorch and Artemis steelgear

Fanfiction: all the stories with vincent gray on wattpad oh and… has a profile page of his team all of which are immortal

Themes: centuries by fall out boy

Quotes:'i think i'm a little old for you' 'they say nobodies perfect , thanks for the complement' 'pain is good , tells you your still alive'
Really? A GRIMM faunhus? And he seems WAAAYYYY too overpowered.
yolaroo123 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018
it would appear that way but his semblance eats at his stamina and he likes his semblance as he has n soul/aura due to drinking from the fountain of youth but also anther draw back is alex who won't shut up the voice in his head who deliberately distracts him
Uc985 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018
This one needs some work
blackcanary17290 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018
Yeesh I always thought each name had to do with a fairy tale Shrug  
MaxoscosDM Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Now THAT is something every FF writer should read before leading his creativity into the wrong direction :) Very nice work, my friend. Like it.
raonic Featured By Owner Edited Dec 9, 2017
Can anyone tell me if this guy seems good?

RWBY OC-Clover Sherwood
rpgjonathan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, is it okay if I can make my oc for fun because I don't really have a fanfiction for them and to not really watch much of the episodes?
raonic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
As long as you don't create something completely absurd, yes
rpgjonathan Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also, do the rules of naming a group apply to a duo?
raonic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
I can't really answer that because of 2 reasons: 1-There have been only 4 people teams until now; 2-I don't think it would be realistic to like, name the duo after a "long" word like "diamond", although shorter words like "red", "ao", "noir" could work

My advice is: test it out, make a short bio or something like that, post and wait for feedback (I would suggest posting it on some kind of forum instead of DA)
rpgjonathan Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, but thanks for the advice!
raonic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017
You're welcome dude
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Finally got this done for the first of my four characters…
fantasyne-arts Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used here, thank you!…
Jabiechan2 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist
Is this semblance okay? It´s called Sixth Sense. Basically, the user can heighten their senses but only one can be heightened at a time. It can drain your aura quickly if it is used for too long. My oc, Silver Flynt has this semblance. Is it good?
fantasyne-arts Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds just fine to me!
Jabiechan2 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2017  Hobbyist
Thanks! :)
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Introduction: "Raised as a slayer of Dragons at least that's what I'm known to do. But lately all I've killed were grimm, harder and bigger grimm or other slayers who hunt me down"


Name:Syless Kakōgan gurē

(Kakōgan gurē is Granite Gray in Japanese)






Color:Granite Gray




Original Influence/Reference:Past encounters from my childhood in which I remember turning against An old friend.




Fanfiction:Hopefully rp's not very good with writing fanfics.


Themes:Grim Procession+Fury By Silence The Messenger

Battle Theme (Normal):My Brother-Berserk (2016) Soundtrack



He is 6'10 in height his pupils are golden yellow with the sclera being Pitch black (think of the Reanimation Jutsu eye look from Naruto Shippuden then you'll get the idea) His skin is slightly pale with his hair being brown which is tied into a small ponytail the sides of his hair is shaven while the top is long he has a scar going up across his lip with three more on his left cheek.

His outfit is a granite Gray coloured body armor along with one arm being covered from the shoulder to his wrist the armor as some bone on it that stick out on the shoulder plating the armor looks corroded and burned in certain parts of it. He wears a black long sleeve shirt that covers his skin from the open parts of his armor along with black combat pants with granite coloured leggings that cover the side of his thighs and full leg plating on both which look like boots over his shoes his head is covered by a face mask that only shows his eyes that glow underneath his grimm plated mask.


Personality: Syless never had been one to speak unless it's during a negotiation or if wanting to have a conversation every now and then. He keeps to himself due to past issues with run-in's He can be serious and on guard in battle he has a soft spot for rabbit faunus or just plain old rabbits he is calm due to being around nature so much. He also can be intimidating in or out of battle only because of his size and looks.


Backstory/History: Syless grew up in a village that was home to faunus and humans alike although the village had a clan of Slayers living in it and the slayers had become a safe haven for the village folk who could not protect themselves taking in the young who wish to grow stronger training them in combat and the arts of slaying. During the age of 21 Syless was a teacher for the small academy of slayers that was set up in the village before moving away to become a Hunter with his abilities and skills he had, already had been known as a Hunter but gone rogue because of an incident that had forever marked him as a traitor to his village and clan later on travelling wandering remnant as a Dragonslayer a name in which he had been given to by a Demonslayer named Cerro (Sar-row).


Skills and abilities:Syless is a quick fighter and has a lot of focus on one enemy at a time unless he needs to focus on many more than he'll become more focused on a larger group he is also skilled in hand to hand combat against another opponent if not using his weapon. he is very good at cooking, two handed weapons, blades and his lightning manipulation.



Helios Hal:Helios Hal is a granite Gray coloured spear that can let off lightning from it's staff up to the bladed tip that surges with lightning and is laced with gravity dust that will apply a lot more force into piercing attacks. Helios Hal can also transform into a cross bow with the blade being the bolt chamber which the arrow or bolt will scrape against the blade lacing the tip with lightning.


Aura/Semblance: His aura is a color of Purple mixed with Black that allows him to become more Berserker when fighting which changes the color of his eyes. His semblance allows him to become consumed in lightning in which he will begin to levitate with lightning emitting from his body that surges and connects with metallic objects a change in his right arm is seen as well as its covered in burned dead skin that is able to show lines and cracks of lightning coursing through his body.



Helios Spear:his spear begins to slowly glow a spiritual white that slowly begins to let off steam which produces heat of the sun and Syless chooses to throw or to get close. if thrown the spear will begin to glow bright Orange on the tip as heat is gathering from the speed and will pierce his opponent that will soon burn and disperse 60% chance.

If close he will begin a combination attack that will end with him throwing his opponent in the air before disappearing and reappearing above them before throwing down the spear following up with a second spear made of lightning before using his semblances enhanced speed to fall straight down to the spear before his opponent hits the ground he will appear beside them with the spear in there chest with no sudden sign of impact except for a gust of wind is seen revolving around them 100% chance. (This is an OP Technique that is best used as an ultimate it will waste most of his aura and leave him open for 30 minutes in which he'll be unable to do anything.)


Quotes: "Nobody means anything to me not even myself I'm nothing more than a human being nothing special"

"My name was a sign of hope but now it's a sign of death that won't stop taking innocent lives until it's thirst has been quenched"

"I can unleash hell on you if I want with one attack you'll be turned to ash!"

"Just because I have a soft spot for Rabbits and bunnies doesn't mean I won't kill you"

"Trust me when I say this ursai meat doesn't taste as good as you think"

"The names Syless Dragonslayer, my last names not Dragonslayer"

"Have you ever met with a Demonslayer named Cerro? Y'know 6'10 pitch black skinned with white skeletal markings on him has ash Gray hair and always carries around three different swords?"
EnderblazeAnimations Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If I were to post all of the characters I've made, I would take over the comments section. (I have 5 TEAMS and 3 lone wolves, thats 23)
MawinSwag Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2017  Student Writer
Okay so I'm new here on DeviantArt, does anyone know how to favorite things so I can look on this later?
MawinSwag Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2017  Student Writer
Ooop, nevermind I got it :3
elfmage666 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2017  Student Artist
uh... dude. the link to the rules says it is either broken or moved. I can't get to it.
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Introduction: The world is a depressing place. I know what many of you are thinking, "stop overreacting". But in all honesty, it's harsh. Loved ones can be harmed, personal things can be lost. But it never stops us. We keep matter the cost.

Name: Cylas Dianos

Age: 17

Color: Crimson

Influence: Based on my personal life, and how traumatic experiences only made me stronger.

Occupation: Huntsman

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6'2 in height, with black hair that covers his left eye. Speaking of his eyes, they're a dark red. His complexion is pale and scarred.

Outfit: Cylas wears a dark red and black Kevlar vest, dark red and black gauntlets, finger less gloves, a dark red face mask that covers his mouth and nose and finally black pants and boots. Under his left boot, he has a prosthetic leg.

Personality: Due to his past, Cylas is a person who'd rather leave talking to his team. Though that doesn't mean he's a silent person. Rather, he is a hotheaded swordsman who'd cut down any foe to avenge his innocence. Though under the cold shell, Cylas is a depressed soul. He constantly wishes he could in some way shape or form, save his past.

Skills and Abilities: Cylas is exceptionally skilled behind his swords, moving nimbly through the battlefield. He is also stronger than am average Huntsman.

Weapons: Cylas worlds the Crimson Vanguards, twin falchion swords that can switch to become twin lever action shotguns. They are outfitted to take Dust ammunition, mainly fire and gravity.

Aura: Cylas's aura allows him to withstand fire damage, to some extent, absorbing it.

Semblance: Cylas's Semblance is manipulation of fire. Using this, he can manipulate the fire in the area to attack the target. But that can mean to some extent, manipulate molten magma for even deadlier attacks.

Backstory: At the young age of 10, Cylas and his older brother Camo went to Signal academy, which was soon attacked by Faunas criminal, Tyrian. In a desperate attempt to save his school, Cylas fought the scorpion, only Yo have his leg severed. After receiving a prosthetic, Camo helped Cylas get used to his new robotic limb. After a year, Cylas got back onto full-time training. That is until fellow Signal student, Adam Taurus paralyzed Camo, before fleeing to join the White Fang. Having to graduate to Haven without Camo lead Cylas to shut himself off from the rest of the world. That is, until he met Barse Bleak and Lavender Sage. Along with fellow Huntsman, Kalamos, the four formed Team BLCK.

Team: BLCK (Bleak)

Theme Song: Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin

Quote: "I can dish out much worse as long you keep his location hidden."
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Introduction: " People say my family is full of liars and thieves. Frankly, I disagree. I like to think of us as businessmen and women. We deal in information, simple as that. Whether or not that information causes a problem isn't our fault. We're only speaking the truth. "

Name : Jason Zaffre

Age: 17

Color: Sapphire blue (According to my research, Zaffre is Italian for Sapphire)

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Influenced by the modern hacker culture/ various elements from the WATCH_DOGS franchise

Occupation/Setting: Freelance Informant, Leader of the hacker organization "The Network".

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'10" teen with a light, athletic build and a pale skin complexion. Has short, black messy hair and dark blue eyes.

Jason's outfit consists of a dark blue hoodie with "Seek the Truth"  in a white comic blurb plastered on the front, slate gray jeans and black knee pads, black hiking boots, fingerless gloves,  a black baseball cap, ski goggles, and a half gas mask (think the 5500 series). His hood is typically up at all times , his ski goggles are usually always on, and his mask is only worn in combat or when on a mission.

Personality: Jason doesn't typically talk much when trying to focus on whatever he's trying to get done. Aside from that, he speaks in a cool , professional, and often sarcastic and or mocking manner. He's quick to spot any form of weakness in anybody, and is willing to exploit it in an instant, even if it means pretending to be friendly with someone gullible or someone he hates, giving him the moniker of " Scorpio" alongside several other nicknames. Despite being known to have a cold personality, he does have a softer, more humane side to him, though he rarely shows it unless alone with someone he genuinely trusts.

Skills and Abilities: Adept free running , hacking, stealth, combat, and escape skills. Deceptively strong despite his light frame.

Weapon(s) and fighting style:  Jason fights using a mixture of martial arts and street fighting, as well as some elements of Krav Maga. While preferring nonlethal combat, Jason is fully capable of lethal combat. In terms of weaponry, he dual wields a baton and pistol referred to as CTRL and ALT respectively.

CTRL (Control) : A collapsible baton with a taped battery attached to active wiring on the side. Crudely made yet effective, Jason can amplify the voltage of the baton, to the point where it can perform a shockwave attack at a large range.

ALT (Alternate) : A baton can't be the answer to every problem Jason encounters. This is where ALT comes in. ALT is a powerful semi automatic pistol Jason uses to incapacitate or execute his opposition. Appearance wise, ALT is a Glock 17 type pistol with blue engravings on the barrel.

Aura: Jason's aura allows him to enhance his vision. While not on the levels of a Faunus, Jason can see better in the dark than the average human, he can determine the weak points of an opponent (figurative and literal chinks in armor), and identify escape routes much faster when the need to flee arises.

Semblance:  Phasing : In a semi-bright flash, Jason can modify his own molecular structure to the point where he is a nearly invisible trail of shimmering white particles. While in this state, Jason can move through living things and most objects excluding structures made specifically to deter aura. Jason can only remain in this state for a short time. Staying in that state for more than 10 seconds drains massive amounts of his aura, forcing him out of said state as well, though using it in short intervals has no negative effects on him apart from a mild headache. If holding on to another person or a large object while phasing, regardless of time spent, the headache increases in intensity, though not by much.

Backstory/History: For the Zaffres, there's no such thing as "knowing too much". Instead, it was "not knowing enough." To them, information is a resource much more powerful than oil or Dust. Depending on how it was used, one person could topple an army or unearth and destroy a massive conspiracy simply by knowing what to say at what time. Jason Zaffre is a prime example of this philosophy. He believed in it to the point that, at age 14, he started his own little underground network of black hat hackers in Signal Academy. Going by the name "The Source", they'd uncover whatever information students or, according to Jason, "less reputable folks" wanted for a small fee. Unless it was a member of the group or a close friend, they didn't care who they hurt, as long as they got paid for their services. Although Jason was known to have some relation to the group at the time, any solid evidence mysteriously disappeared. At age 15, Jason and "The Source" mysteriously vanished. Records, names, anything on them, just gone. 2 years later, Jason resurfaces out of the blue, and "The Source" had grown into the massive organization known as "The Network". Despite often using less than legal means, the organization claims to only seek the truth of Remnant's greatest mysteries and only uses information discovered for noble purposes, supposedly as some form of penance for the wrongs "The Source" had committed. Aside from that , not much is known about "The Network", other than the rumors that Jason Zaffre walks faceless along common people, listening to any and every possibly beneficial conversation.

Team: None

Themes: Megadeth's "The Scorpion"


" Just a few words can topple an empire. Or get 17 people to stop pointing their guns at you if you expose their leader or who slept with who's wife. "

" Like I told you, I'm always listening, always watching. Ok, not always, but like....ehh, let's just say 80-90% of the time."

" Silly girl, I know EVERYTHING about you. Except the color of your underwear. That is none of my business. "

" To me, there's no black or white , no red or blue. The only color that matters is...whatever color lien comes in."
          "....Buut, lien can come in blue. Or pink. Pink's a lighter version of red-"
" Ruby, you're seriously killing my vibe here. "

" That's the unrated Collectors Edition. You're welcome, perv. I'm kidding, I love Ninjas of Love ! I prefer the books over the anime, to be honest."
   " So you're a fan ? What's your opinion on the movie ? "
" Do NOT get me started on that trash ! You're telling me it takes 6 Earth ninjas to move a football sized rock to take out one lowly imperial guard,    when in the anime one Earth ninja can flip a freakin' TANK  BY HIMSELF ! A TANK ! ONE PERSON CAN FLIP A TANK, BUT IT TAKES SIX, SIIIX PEOPLE , TO MOVE A STUPID ROCK TO HIT ONE GUY ?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME !?! "
 " It's official. You're a true fan."
"And people are staring. I should go."

" I'm a 17 year old teenage boy with a computer, don't judge me ! "

" Long, if you say "potates" one more time, I'm gonna punch you in the eye."

" You really want to know all the technical hacker stuff I'm doing, or do you just want to hear yourself talk because everyone else is busy, and you assume what I'm doing is worthless ? "

" You never learn, do you ? "
   " Nope. And 20,000 lien says neither will you."
" Ok, what do you need ? "

" I could care less about your money, you little weasel ! If I wanted money, I'll do what I always do  when I'm feeling lazy and siphon money from the Schnee's bank account ! "
  " You'll do WHAT ?! Is this why my credit card keeps getting declined everywhere I go ?! "
"Weiss, you can TRY to kill me later. "
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Introudution: "The world can be a cruel place, sometimes. Sometimes they say tomorrow will be better, but what if you know the people you wake up to will throw you in the water?"

Name: Alani "Maui" Wai

Age: 17

Color: Orange and tropical red

Race: Human

Influence/referece: The Hawaiian demigod Maui, and this can be seen in his introdution, abilities, and middle name.

Occupation: Haven student, collects fruit for a famous restaraunt.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Alani has sea blue eyes, black hair with orange fringes, tan skin, and is a little bit shorter than Ruby, but it's such a small difference it is hard to tell. He wears a orange tank top with tropical red hawaiin flowers on it, brown cargo pants, orange combat boots, a brown belt with a water canteen, and some strange grips on his arms. He also has some tattoos on his body. The one that pops out most is on his right arm. He also has a tattoo on his back and left leg.

Personality: Alani is an introvert, and can be a bit cowardly. He can be really quick when it comes to processing and understanding things, and learns a lot faster than an average person too. This is a great ability in battle, because he can easily remember his opponents attack pattern and where they like to attack most often. From this, he can also learn to trick his enemies. He doesn't like to talk much, either, and tends to walk away when somebodyt tries to start a conversation.

Skills/abilities: Alani is very talented when it comes to free running. Sometimes he uses this talent when fighting, and can easily leave his enemies to bite the dust. Other than that, he is very good at cooking dishes with fruit. He lacks planning when it comes to planning with a team, however.

Weapons/fighting style: Alani's weapons are his hook and his heavy shotgun and semi-automatic sniper rifle. In a fight, Alani can use his hook as a grappling hook and something to pull things closer to him. At long range, he uses his weapon's sniper rifle form, and the shotgun form for close range. He also likes to stand back and observe things, and try to analyze his enemies' fighting style. Once he does, this makes him twice as deadly, because then he can easily trick his foe. He likes to run a lot when fighting, and sometimes tries to avoid all conflict. He also tries to pit a teams allies against each other, so he can get away. He tries to get to high, unreachable places during battle when using his sniper.

Aura/semblance: Alani's aura acts as a "mute". This allows him to focus on whatever he is trying to fight during battle, and everything else is "muted". He can also do this when taking a test to block out all the noise. His semblance allows him to pick up really heavy things, like, say the torso of a 18 foot mech. His attacks also become much more accurate when his semblance is activated. He can only use his semblance when he feels really distracted.

Backstory/history: A few days after Alani was born, he was thrown into the ocean, because his mother never wanted to have him, and never even gave him a name, because he was "a mistake". He would have drowned, but soon he was found by a member of Haven academy, who took him in and raised them like a child of their own. They gave him the name Alani, which means orange, becaue of the orange fringes in his hair. He was also given the nickname "Maui", because his history is a lot like the Hawaiian demigod. Because of this, he decided to make a hook in honor of this new nickname. When he was out of middle school, he decided to go to Haven Academy, to improve his abilities and soon hunt down his cruel mother and let karma work its magic.

Team: Was part of an unknown team, but left because he felt like he was dragging the team down.

Fanfiction: rp's, hopefully

Theme(s): Want You Gone(Portal 2), Migraie(Twenty One Pilots)
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Sigh.... 32 chapters into my fic and i remember the naming scheme............
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Introduction: "People say that they heard some people went to a dangerous location and never returned.. If that's the case, where do the stories come from, then?"

Name: Portocal Sparro

Age: 17

Color(s): Mainly orange(his name is orange in Roman) and some black with a little bit of velvet.

Race: human

Influence/reference: Portocal is based on pirates, but he is mainy based off the infamous Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates movies.

Occupation: Part time treasure hunter, Beacon student

Gender: male

Appearance: Portocal has orange eyes, black hair with orange highlights, and pale skin. He wears an orange jacket over a velvet shirt with black sleeves, and also wears black pants and brown boots. He also wears a belt that has medical tape attatched to it, along with a water canteen and a sheath for his weapon. He also wears a distictive red bandana on his head, which was given to him by his father.

Personality: Portocal is smart, quick witted, funny, sneaky, and empathetic. He can be a little cowardly at times, though.

Skills/abilities: Portocal is able to use his environment to his advantage with ease, and is much faster than an average man that runs daily. He is also ampidextrous, and can use pretty much anything as a weapon. He can also easily tell when someone is stressed out or sad, even if they don't express

Weapon(s) and fighting style: Portocal's weapon is a revolver combined with a bow. The revolver has a few extra parts on the handle that can change position when the gun turns into the bow. A string is kept near the end of the cannon. He also has a gauntlet on his left hand that an shoot out a hook and can pull enemies closer, or it can be used as a grappling hook to reach other locations. He tends to get up close in a fight, unless his enemy is more powerful up close. If that's the case, he uses his weapon's bow form. He usually runs away when fighting a big group on his own, and hides somewhere and picks them off one at a time.

Aura/Semblance: Portocal's aura acts as an adrenaline boost, and only activates when he's afraid or in shock. This makes him run a lot faster, and focus a lot better than normal. His semblance makes it easier to shoot his enemies, and when his enemies get close, they start to see visions of what they fear most, and can't tell the difference of what is and isn't real. He can also make someone see their allies as the enemy, so he can get away. His aura's color is orange, and when he uses his semblance, it gets a black tint, and so do his eyes.

Backstory: Portocal was part of a family of hunters and huntresses, but he looked up to his dad much more than the others. His dad was also a treasure hunter, and went on many adventures, and brought back lots of artifacts. When Portocal was young, his dad gave him a bandana with a wave pattern on it, as well as the weapon he uses now. He uses both of these artifacts now in tribute to his dad, who went missing while on one of his adventures. Years later, his village was attacked by the Grimm, destroying almost everything, and seperating Portocal from his family, and leaving everything in ashes. He learned to use his bow and shoot a gun(when he was old enough). He practiced until he could hit any target with ease(when he focused hard enough). Despite this, he didn't think he was good enough, so he went to Beacon, hoping to improve further, and find his family.

Team: PRDT (Peridot)

Fanfic: roleplaying, hopefully.

Themes: 'He's A Pirate'(from the Pirates movies), You're Gonna Go Far Kid, and Let It Burn

Quotes: "Sometimes, family is the only treasure you can value most in life. Hopefully I can find mine." "Some people say friendship and teamwork is a lethal weapon. I think they mean 'strength in numbers'." "Hopefully, after all this is over, I can see my family again. I hope they're alright."
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Ey mate, I need help with creating an oc. Help please?
Nitima762 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017
I know you said that there's only two species. But would a half funaus be ok? (Looks like a human, but has night vision, has traits that aren't very noticable like teeth and has the personality of that animal. Like a cat half faunas would like fish, or a wolf half funaus would be extremely agressive)
EnderblazeAnimations Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 (Being a big RWBY fan, in 2015 I started drawing myself in the shows style, designed a weapon and filled out the rest. I got some friends to watch the show and I made characters for them too. I have finally decided to flesh them out and make a story. The following Character is based on me.)

After the astounding success of young Ruby Rose at Beacon Academy, Ozpin decided to create an experiment in which teams of younger hunters and huntresses in training world be moved up to the academy, skipping years, to test their skill and improvement under pressure. The group of youngsters was mixed with the other arrivals for the initiation tests.

Name: Sam 'Ender' Charust (Charust= Charcoal, rust; Ender is a nickname associated with black and shadows.)

Age: 16

Color: Orange, Red, Black, Grey

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Chinese Monks/Ninjas with a western style

Occupation/Setting: 'Test' Student at Beacon Academy

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has Short Messy Brown hair, Light tan skin, deep topaz eyes, 5'7" tall, small build but agile, he has a large cut mark from Qrow's sword across the right of his chest

Wears light clothing as to not be weighed down too much. Flexible black Carbon mesh chest plating with red padding underneath. Orange Scarf around his neck flowing back over his right shoulder. Black long-sleeved shirt with wide cuffs and orange fire dust detail around wrists. Dark Grey Tactical Pants equipped with basic tools and other equipment. Armoured White running shoes with blue details and Wind dust embedded into the soles to augment jumping and landing.
Wears 4 brass kakute(spiked) rings with dust crystals embedded into them on his left hand.

Personality: Lazy most of the time but can get very competitive if pushed too far. Generally very skilled in combat since discovering and honing his semblance, but he can be overconfident against some opponents, though that is not too much of a problem. Driven by a will to fight Qrow Branwen and win. Can become reckless and go beyond his aura's limitations. He makes decisions dependent on his knowledge and the situation, helping people only when he knows they can't handle it alone. Often forgetful of details with complex tasks. Likes random and pointless facts and long words. Weapon obsession. Dislikes small talk. Over use of semblance and moving too quickly makes him dizzy. (Too fast being mach 8.1)

Skills and Abilities: Incredibly fast moving and extremely agile, able to reach Mach 1 by running alone. Could easily outrun a Beowulf on foot. Well Trained eyesight for long distance shooting. Knows advanced survival skills for any environment. Good at camouflaging in shadows. Skilled in martial arts including Ninjutsu and Kobudo. 'Strong' enough to kick a hole in the Amity Colosseum.

WeaponReaper's Blades- Two 2'9" Bladed tonfa with interlocking grips. The handles contain extensions that form 2 small Scythes. Separately or locked, the blades have magnetic qualities from the 4 automatic coil gun barrels that fire 85 rounds per minute each.The interlocked blades can also reverse to form a throwable 2 point glaive. Weapon is holstered in locked form on his back. He also carries six 6" knives at all times for emergencies. The dust embedded rings on his left hand can be used to deliver elemental punches. (Basic model on my page)

Style: 'Hit Hard and be hard to hit'. Tends to rush in first and clear a path ahead. Uses speed combined with semblance to get in and out quickly. Very offensive in combat. Often moves too fast for the eye to recognise. Uses semblance to build momentum by falling and then directs the force into an attack, for example an aerial axe kick.

Aura: allows enhanced senses, hear further/more accurately, see faster/further

Semblance: Wormholes- able to create small rifts in space that allow teleportation. Stability and number depend on focus and he must envelop entities in aura to teleport them. His Reaper' Blades act as transfer nodes for aura allowing him to teleport objects near the blade even when far away, including summoning the Reaper's Blade at any time. He can move objects and even other people through them. As it is a wormhole, all momentum is kept leaving as it was entering. He can also extend his range by marking locations and objects with his aura to teleport to them from anywhere. Hardly effects aura levels during use.

Backstory/History: Born near a village outside Vacuo into a gang, raised as a thief, trained in combat, taken to Vale on a 'business trip', caught in a grimm attack, hit by Qrow's sword, taken to hospital, taken from hospital by gang back to hideout, assassination attempt, escapes gang life, runs away back to Vale, Beacon Scholarship.

Team: SJRL (Storm-cloud) with Josh, Rose and Lauchlan (all test students)

Fanfiction: Working on it

Themes: Excision- Shadow Flame

Quotes: "What now, Oz? I didn't see anyone down there. Who am I with?" (To Professor Ozpin, as people are still being launched into the Emerald Forest)
EnderblazeAnimations Featured By Owner Edited Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Style: Slight glass cannon, but chances of hitting him are slim to none

Team: SLJR (Soldier)

Themes: Excision - Shadow Flame
             Shawn Wasabi - Swag Music (Psyche Fix)

Quotes: "I could kill you, break every bone in your body, and resuscitate you before you hit the ground"

I think there should also be a "Feats" Section to mention any major achievements of the character, like this

Feats: Levelled a 7 storey building in  Mountain Glen during a fight with the White Fang
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"Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk on the sun? Let me show you..."

Introduction: Orphaned by unknown circumstances at 15, Nova was recruited by General Ironwood and placed into the Atlesian Special Forces unit. Due to the sensitive nature of his abilities and the lack of control he has on his semblance, the General decided to keep his existence a secret from anyone that is not directly involved with the project. Unfortunately for Ironwood, the young man doesn’t seem to obey orders without question and always requires a capable special forces operative to accompany him on missions.

Name: Nova Chrysus (Nova; derived from the term ‘Supernova;’ the massive explosion of a dying star, often attributed to fire or plasma. Chrysus; derived from a Greek word for gold.)

Age: 17

Color: Black with small amounts of gold (eyes and amulet). Wears a mask to help hide his identity during missions and doesn’t like taking it off due to scars he received during the incident that killed his family.

Race: Human

Influence/Reference: This character takes some inspiration from Starkiller in the Star Wars Force Unleashed universe, but for the most part I would like to say that this is an almost completely original character.

Occupation: Atlesian Special Forces. Military test subject. Assassin.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, easily 6 foot 5 inches. His black hair is short and swept back in small spikes. Very strong and muscular, but remarkably quick and quiet for his size. Black hard-leather armor covers most of his body and is lined with a multitude of straps and pouches for dust and field rations. He also wears a black cloak that helps him blend in with the shadows. Most notably, he wears a faded white mask at all times. Mask has an angular nose and thin eyeslits that emit a gold-amber glow.

Personality: Distant, observant, and slightly introverted. It takes a lot of work to get through his iron shell, but once he trusts someone he becomes much more kind and open toward that person. Shows respect for those that respect him, and listens to his elders-so long as they respect him. He has a "The Wicked Must Die" view on the world, and gives evildooers no mercy. He is also desensitized to the evils of the world because of his current profession. Lately, he has started to question his purpose, wondering why he is always being told to kill, and because of the experimentation he is starting to hate General Ironwood, consistently becoming more and more rebellious during missions.

Skills and Abilities: Training since a very young age, the boy has always had talent for battle. He can use any melee weapon skillfully, but favors swords for their versatility. As for ranged weapons, he prefers high-accuracy weapons that pack a punch, and is an exceptional marksman. Nova is deadly, and doesn’t hesitate to do what needs to be done. His skill level is comparable to Pyrrha Nikos.

Weapons and Fighting Style: Nova's weapons of choice are two identical swords of his own making that he dual-wields. In melee combat, he favors a counter-strike fighting style; avoiding and evading his attacker, then using any and all advantages to counter his opponent. He can adapt to nearly any situation when fighting and has a deadly acrobatic fighting style. He has two personalities when fighting; against friendlies he occasionally taunts them to get them to fight harder, wanting to bring out theirtrue ferocity.’ In real combat, he takes on a completely no-nonsense attitude and takes down any threat he comes across with deadly efficiency.

His ranged weapon is formed by placing his two weapons together. In a mecha-shift, a cylinder extends from the hilt of each sword and holds them parallel to each other. After that, one hilt of the sword detaches from it's blade and turns 180 degrees and is used as a rifle stock. The cylinder spins to create an energy conduit and with the pull of the trigger, releases a focused laser pulse that can pierce through thick armor and deals moderate damage to aura barriers. Because of the nature of the weapon, some people with energy-based semblances can be resistant to the laser beam.

Aura/Semblance: Nova's semblance is what makes him dangerous. He can sense, control, reform, absorb, and influence the flow of energy. However, because of Ironwood’s project and his lack of guidance, he barely has any time to learn how to fully control his power. Because of this, he only uses his semblance in the most dire of circumstances, for fear of hurting or even killing those that he doesn’t want to harm. Has an extremely high resistance to heat.

History: When he was 15 a tragedy struck, killing his step-mother, father, and younger brother. At some point during the incident, his memory was lost and he was recovered by the Atlas military. Seeing his great potential for battle, General Ironwood came up with the idea to lead a program (Named ‘The Fall Project’) in an attempt to create the perfect soldier to battle the swelling tides of Grimm and White Fang insurgents. Ironwood performed a myriad of experiments on him; muscular augmentation and enhancement (which failed), tests on his durability, metabolism in survival situations, and so on. For two years, he was held and kept detained at a high security prison, only to come out when Ironwood had a mission for him.

Weaknesses: Trusts a very small number of people, pushing most away until they earn his trust. Can be insensitive or appear brutal because he doesn’t hesitate to do what he thinks of as necessary. Hates to spar without learning something or going all out. The absence of his memory gives him the feeling of the lack of a purpose, and he longs to recover what has been lost so that hole in his heart might be filled.

Fanfiction: The Fall Project.…

Musical Theme: (Open to suggestions!!)

Quotes: "I don’t burn easily.”-“As sad as it is to say, killing is the only thing I’m good at… I want to do the right thing with my skills, and killing monsters rather than people seems to be the best choice.”-"There's more to these dreams than I first thought. I think a piece of my past is starting to come back, and I just might start remembering where I came from..."

Nitima762 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017
I really like this character. He's sorta like mine but not vengeful and doesn't have a spirt in him. I really do think this is a good oc, great job.
JonesyUSA Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
Thanks Nitima, I read your character bio and I like it as well :D
To be honest, there's a lot more to Nova than the bio reveals, but in order to prevent spoilers I will only say that my Fanfic reveals his memories. I can create a new, "Up-to-date" bio, but I think it would ruin part of the story. Perhaps when I am finished I may create a complete bio.

Nitima762 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
Yea I think I put too much into the bio but thanks for checking out my oc. I'm reading ur story I have to say I like it alot.

Quesrion: is there anything in your opinion that I should change in my oc
JonesyUSA Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017
I think Abiel's Nightmare semblance is perfectly fine, except for working on Grimm. They are the embodiment of absolute evil and negativity, so I'm pretty sure that a 'Nightmare' would only make them stronger.
The only piece of advice I think you could use is that you should include some weaknesses and limitations your OC has. For example, you could have this "Spirit of Vengeance" actively trying to bring about his Reaper form and create as much chaos as possible. This would give the character a legitimate fear of his 'darker half', and give him a goal in learning how to either come to an agreement with the demon, or purge it entirely. On a second note: I would remove teleportation entirely and place it in favor of a 'become shadow' kind of ability, making him become intangible and able to go through walls like a ghost for a short time. Important to set extreme limits on things like this though!
Overall, a very good OC and it's been fun brainstorming!

Also, don't forget to give me any tips to my own character if you so desire, I'd like to hear your input! :D

hi~ i've watched RWBY already and i only found this yesterday so i tried it

“have you heard of the “white demon”? well 3 years ago the white fang made a move to take down a small city in a snowy mountain, but they were all subdued by a hunter tasked to take them down and guess what?! It was a brat!”

Name: faust wolfwood

Age:  14

Color:  white and black

Race: human

Influence/reference: vash (personality), nicholas d. wolf wood(name)

Occupation/setting: hunter, although that said, doesn’t take any mission anymore

Gender: male

Appearance: 4”3 kid with white hair and red eyes wearing a white short-sleeve shirt with black vest, black slacks, black leather shoes, and his white cloak (the weapon he uses)that is being hold together by three black belt near his neck. The cloak reaches all the way to his ankles and has his emblem placed on the back colored black and black fingerless gloves that almost reach his elbow and dark green arm guards on top of it (also his weapon)

Personality:  his personality give a feeling of “care-free and immature child” always smiling, getting lost a lot, making fun of others (mostly degrading their appearance, personality, and strength), and running away from battle since he doesn’t want to fight any more and just wants to watch from the side lines. He has a little deep androgynous voice and mostly call anyone by their nicknames he gave them, if not given any he would call any student “brat” and any adult “old man” or “vixen”. He loves animals that always make him ask a Faunus he sees to let him touch their “non-human body parts”. Although he looks immature he actually has a mature way of thinking since his past and childhood was mostly about the real world where students still don’t understand, giving no sympathy for anyone especially humans, ignore orders since he hates being ordered.  

Skills and abilities: an actual genius in fighting and was given Spartan training by his mother who is a retired top-class hunter, the reason he became a hunter so early, he was thought a special technique made by his mother that can make enemies vision a torture or death through blood lust. He learned the basics of blacksmith and alchemy from his father a blacksmith. Although he is a genius, his ability to get lost a lot and end up

Weapons(s) and fighting style: his weapon as said earlier are dark green arm gaurds and a white cloak. The cloak is made up hard material that should be hard enough to withstand explosions. The inside of it is full of throwing knives and small containers with explosive dust inside resembling and acting as agrenade. The arm gaurds releases strings at the knuckles, the strings are made as the same material as the cloak, which makes it really hard to cut. Other than that he can just use his semblance to make a sword or spear.

From his mother he learned how to use the family’s fighting style that puts a serious emphasis on disarming opponents and using around against them. Because of that he learned the basics of using a spear and a one-sided sword. His old fighting style thou was the same except that it was combined with pure slaughter and blood lust, now he stopped using such fighting style. Although that said he doesn’t want to fight and just runs in the field leaving the work to his partner.

Aura and semblance:  his semblance is transmutation. As long as he knows how it’s made he can use any material around him to change its shape and form. He has overall control over it as he can make a strong sword of any size as if it was made a talented blacksmith in a second, although he has such an semblance it needs a large amount of aura to us. He’s aura is quite normal though

Backstory/history: son of a famous blacksmith and a mother that is a veteran hunter and the leader of certain mafia family that was known for making sure that no trouble is caused. He was born genius with a talent to fight as soon as his parent discovered his gift at the age of 5 after killing a scary dog, he was then thought first hand by both by his parents. His father was a gentle & coward man; he taught him how to make weapons and the uses of explosives. His mother although was the opposite. Her men look up to her as their superior and will just do anything upon her orders. As a combat officer, she is skilled strategist and well-rounded fighter, capable of taking care of herself. Although she became a retired hunter since she lost her legs from a battle. His mother gave him Spartan training at the age of 9 after his father taught for 4 years. Because of this he was forced to become a hunter and was placed to a prestigious high school at the age of 11 against his will. He then was bullied by his teenage classmates because of their pride that was trampled by a kid, he had no partner, not only because they didn’t like him but also because his skills were far too good to be matched with theirs. After a year he took his hunter exam with temporary partner, their mission was to eradicate the grimm that invaded a town abruptly. Of course he did his work alone when his partner couldn’t catch up to his skill and quitted halfway. They’re arrival was late and because of that the population was already at zero as they cleared the city from grimm he then found a wounded girl that had her throat sliced under the rubble of a destroyed house, in just a few minutes she could’ve died but when he saw her immediately gave first aid on her throat and sent to the hospital after that she became his partner and maid after receiving training from his mother after a year she was saved. After he passed the exam he became a hunter even though he didn’t desire it and was only forced to. In 2 years he was given hell like missions that involved taking down grimm outbreaks & killing white fang protesters that took protesting overboard, all alone, as a kid making bloodshed was too much for his mental state, he actually broke after seeing the kitten he found and took care of was abused by bunch of human thugs. He then stopped taking orders from his commanding officer and fought with his mother when he said he wanted to leave with is partner. After making his mother changes her mind and gives up. He then decided to travel the world together with his partner.

Team: still thinking of the other characters

Fanfiction: still thinking

Themes: soul eater ost track 20- bang! bang! bang! have a nice dream

Quotes: heh~ you’re gonna kill *chuckles* well it was once said that “man were to hit another man they would hit them back, if man were to try and kill another man, they would try to kill them back

*charges straight forward*

Then come on you little shit I want to see you try and kill me!


im gonna take rest now and the other character next time (the oc's female partner) sorry

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i don't know if i'm still gonna the rest of the team
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Introduction: "Did you know? They say if someone got on the bad side of a Fiore, the Fiore would stop at nothing to get revenge, not even death. So I'd watch out if I were you~"

Name: Cerise Fiore (Cerise-- French: "cherry"/Fiore-- Italian: "bloom, blossom, cream")

Age: 17-18

Color(s): Cherry Red (main) and Cream

Race: Human

Influence/Reference: Elsword's Ara Haan (Celestial Fox Mode) or Eun; and Harley Quinn.

Occupation/Setting: Former Beacon student-Haven transfer student

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cerise is what most would describe as delicate, with her milky, yet rosy, skin and seemingly fragile, skinny figure. Without her usual wedges, she's naturally 5'3" in height; with, she's about 5'5". Her pale, almost-white, cherry blossom-colored hair is usually kept in low twin tails, but will vary in other styles depending on her mood. There's a singular red streak that she insisted on, but though disapproved of by her parents, she went through with it anyways. She has dark red eyes, a natural rosy glow on her soft cheekbones, pale pinkish lips, and a soft jaw.

Her usual attire consists of a cream-colored half-blazer with her family's emblem-- a fox's face with 6 tails around it-- which the back is lower than the front and is transparent, giving it a high-low feel, and reaches her knees. Underneath, she wears a slim-fit crimson/cherry red and rose corset-like dress-shirt with the front hanging out over her similarly cream skirt with rose-colored ruffles underneath. A rose-colored ribbon serves as a choker around her neck. Her shoes appear ballet-like, with ribbon crossing over her feet and tying into wing-shaped ribbons.

Personality: Her personality, something like Harley Quinn's, is aggressive, with hints of a dazed, weird kind of innocence. Her voice, light and airy, makes her seem like glass; fragile and dainty. However, never take that as granted. She can easily become angered, lashing out witty remarks and the such. Stay on her good side, and she can be sweet, almost lovable like a child. This attribute often helps her... or not... with her flaw. Cerise is a naïve animal lover, often forgetting that she may be dealing with a dangerous animal, or in this case, grimm. But whatever she does, she somehow calms them. However, she snaps out of her loving state eventually, and slays them.

Skills and Abilities: Cerise is a natural artist. Both as a martial artist and an artistic artist. Though being artistically artistic may not help in the field, or during tournaments, being martially artistic does. A skill she was taught starting at a young age until recently, she is silent on her feet and agile, silently gaining speed no matter what she has on her feet or what she wears. Being artistically artistic has gained her fame not earned through her surname. She is able to mimic any style of art, with little artsy twists of her own.

Weapon(s)/Fighting Style: Like most Fiores, Cerise is drawn towards more... traditional.. weapons, than those which have mechanical or electronical parts; save for a slight exception. An old family favorite, the spear is her main weapon of choice. Personally made for her, the spear is only one variation of the three weapons it can become. 3 meters total in length, without the blade, it divides into three parts: with a certain twist of her wrist, her spear-- normally 2 meters in length-- elongates, adding on another meter, and the blade curves, gradually becoming longer with a wicked, noticeably sharper end-- becoming a scythe. Her weapon's other form, a sniper rifle, takes up about 2 feet of her weapon's length. A certain touch of the blade activates it, and causes the blade to thicken, dulling its edge. The now-barrel shrinks, and the small "accessory" at the end splits into two, holding up the barrel. 

Her fighting style, as described by others, appears as delicate as a flower, but as deadly as its thorns. Also, the weapon she handles also determines her fighting style. If it's her spear or scythe, she goes with a sort-of hit-and-run tactic. Stunning her opponent with a hit, she runs, appearing again and again at high speeds-- a trait passed down to each Fiore family member-- with more hits, until finally giving the final blow. If it's her rifle, of course, she's out of sight, hiding in the shadows; making sure her presence isn't known by the opponent.

Aura/Semblance: Cerise's aura isn't particularly strong, but nor is it particularly weak either: a mix in between. However, once it hits its breaking point, her attacks become more deadly, rushed and sloppy, almost. No sign of her usual graceful movements.

Her semblance is "Summoning." Whether it be an ally, like a beast she had tamed in the past, or her opponent's own weapons, though summoning those right from their grip takes too much stamina and is therefore rarely used for that purpose, it can come in handy. 
Another thing: a family trait, one unknown to Cerise, is the semblance "Animation." Having been proved as too hard to master, but not impossible, younger members of the family aren't made aware of it until 25 years of age and start training for it at that age as well.

Backstory/History: [WIP]

Team: None yet, but willing to have one.

Fanfiction: None/ May or May Not work on one.

Theme(s): [WIP]

Quotes: *with a cheerful smile on her face* "Let's have a fair fight, alright? I'd hate it if someone got seriously hurt..."

*to a grimm* "Oh... did you say 'spare me?' Because I didn't hear you~"

*jokingly during a tournament* "You don't want to die here? Well, we can arrange another place for me to kill you. Is that alright?"

WIP because it is a WIP... needs some work... better wording for example... and needs backstory and theme- but otherwise, yeah~
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Introduction: “Where I’m from, they have a saying about my family: ‘Whenever a Glas steps on the battlefield, death himself sheds a tear of joy’. Rather fitting, isn’t it? That the diggers of graves should ferry the dead to their final homes”.

Name: Lorcan Glas (Glas=Green in gaelic)

Age: 17

Color: Dark Green

Race: Human

Influence: “Ring around The Rosy”; 16th century plague doctors.

Occupation: Student at Haven Academy


Gender: Male

Appearance: Taller in stature, though not filled in, causing the young 6’ 2” man to look rather lanky. His skin is almost white as a sheet, as well as his hair, save for a grey stripe reaching around his head, below the temples, a strange trait that is common among his kin. He keeps his hair rather short, only keeping it a few inches in length, usually combing it to the side for a refined, clean look. His eyes are a piercing emerald green, resting above high cheekbones. He’s been told from time to time that his nose is thin and hooked, almost like the beak of a bird, his pursed, thin lips giving him a rather melancholy resting face.

As for attire, he hides his hair underneath a black, tricorn hat. A long green jacket, with four silver buttons on each side, under that, a grey vest and under that, a plain white dress shirt. Hidden away underneath the jacket, is a belt with multiple loops, each one filled with vials and syringes. A white gorget covers his neck, a frilly piece of neckwear sprouting from it, ending in the middle of his chest. Taupe shaded pants lay over his waist and legs, being tucked into black leather boots just below the knee. On occasion, he will wear a family heirloom that he keeps along, a white mask with spectacles etched in, a long, avian beak protruding from the mouth region, dark lenses covering up the eyes. The mask is attached to a leather cover that enshrouds his entire head.

Personality: He likes to try and tackle problems in a calm and collected way. His upbringing and family has desensitized him to many things in life that cause strife, leaving him with an emotionally detached demeanor and love of extremely dark humor. Most of the time, he seems to be caught up in his own thoughts, though when the situation absolutely demands it, he can go into a state of extreme focus. His sense of extreme individuality and tendency to tell things how it is, makes it rather difficult for him to be a team player. Though, he turns about in the midst of combat. He throws caution to the wind and becomes reckless, forming into a reaper who revels in the bloodshed and chaos.

Skills and Abilities: Lorcan is an adept apothecary, being able to brew elixirs to quicken the healing of a wound, sleeping droughts, various types of anesthesia or a little something to give you an extra pep in the step. Yet this skill, much like him, has a much darker side. He is just as equally versed in poisons and the like, but only creates them when he deems it necessary. He has also gotten into growing and maintaining his own chemical reagents, having a few planters hanging outside his window, filled with various types of plants.

Weapon/Fighting Style: Ever since the end of the Great War and the foundation of the Huntsmen Academies, members of the Glas family have been sent off to become slayers of Grim and the protectors of the weak and each and every one carrying the same type of weapon. The signature weapon of every Glas, has been a scythe. Lorcan’s variation, which he forged himself as a boy, is The Morrigan’s Claw. The handle appears to be made of a wood-like material, taking on the form of a more traditional harvesting scythe, being curved, with a horizontal protrusion halfway through. The blade seems to be comprised of six different parts, yet form a smooth, double edged blade. Where the blade meets the handle, is a large circle containing an etch of his family’s symbol, a tattered black feather, with the side view of an avian mask sprouting from the right side of the quill. Lorcan has added a twist to this reaper, a simple pull of the side handle and the blade shifts 90 degrees to the right to form a sort of spearhead and with another pull, the six segments of the blade detach from each other, staying connected by an extremely strong and razor sharp wire to create a bladed whip.

His fighting style is a bit more refined than  most scythe users, favoring wide, swinging arcs and spins, occasionally using the side handle to hit foes with both the blade and handle itself. It stays mostly the same whilst The Morrigan’s Claw is in its whip form, but uses the added range to his advantage, holding the handle near the bottom for more control.

Aura/Semblance: Has a fairly strong aura, not at all a stranger to taking a hit, though the closer it gets to breaking, his eyes almost seem to glow and the air around him begins to turn into a dark fog, almost making him look like a vengeful wraith.

His semblance connects directly with his skills as an apothecary. He can reach out and will the concoction, while it’s in somebody’s system, to work faster or increase in potency. While it can be extremely helpful aiding people, he also uses it in the field. The blade of The Morrigan’s Claw is laced with a very mild toxin that he can force to flair up at will, forcing the target(s) to rapidly progress through various stages of pestilence, from profuse vomiting, bleeding from the eyes and infected boils on the skin.

Backstory: For centuries, the Glas family had made their living doing the work that few wished to do all over Mistral: Keeping the dead. A majority of them have spent their lives as grave diggers and morticians, a few branching off every now and again to become doctors of unorthodox means and practices, donning bird like masks, much like the one that Lorcan keeps with him. He grew up around the dead and the dying, this desensitizing him from many things, not having a great sense of empathy. Ever since he was a young boy, being an only child, he was unanimously chosen by the rest of the family to represent the name Glas in the ranks of this generation's huntsmen, beginning his training with the family weapon style of scythes. During his downtime, he chose to pursue an updated and modern form of alchemy, seeing the various and adaptable uses in the things produced. It was not far into this practice that he discovered his semblance, a connection with the liquids and balms that he created and being able to manipulate them while they worked their magic inside the systems of others. Now, after years of honing his skills and knowledge, he was sent off to Haven Academy, to begin the rest of his life.

Team: No team yet… But I look forward to creating one either by rping with a group or collaborating with other talented writers ^-^

Fanfiction: None yet. Still flaying out all the possible plot possibilities.

Themes: Anything somber with a twist of wicked humor.

Quotes: “So, you’ve come seeking one of my brews, eh? *chuckles lowly* Well, tell me what you want and it’s intended use… And we’ll see if it’s worth my time”.

“OH GOD, IS THAT NEVERMORE TALON? *he coughs and collects himself* I’ll take all of it”.

“*about to go into a into a large fight* I apologize to you all for what you’re about to see… I get a little… carried away”.

Looking for RP! Just send me a note and we'll work things out if you're interested!
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